Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boosts Mobile Gambling Boom Increase In Tablet And Smart Phone Sales.

A Not even 6 months ago, smart-phone pundits were saying that sales of mobile devices would outstrip the sale of desk-tops in this year and be double that of desk and laptop computers in the year 2012   to a recent research study by Gartner only confirms to this even more evidence in the research has   pointed out that the massive increase in sales of a devices has started like a snowball rolling downhill and it will affect the online gambling market to a huge degree.

Online gambling operations with mobile gambling options in particular sports betting are already seeing unbelievable increases in the amount of players taking up mobile apps and actively gambling with these Gartner study indicates that at the end of 2011 in world-wide tablet sales will reach a total of 63.6 million units is already a 200% increase over 2010 to they expect Apple to own approximately 73.4% of this market place to will be followed by Android.

This research also recons that by 2015, total annual tablet sales will be 326.3 million units to again Apple is expected to be the leading provider by then will be sharing a larger slice of the pie with Android and the pity Steve Jobs is not around to see this taking place because Apple should be able to maintain at least a 50% hold on the market until 2014 in the last Q of 2011, a total of 440.5 million mobile devices were sold is 5.6% increase over Q3 Smart phone sales increased 42% in 2011 in comparison to 2010.

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