Friday, February 17, 2012

Online Gambling Belgium

A European Union is in disarray right now and are grasping at whatever means they can to stay financially viable and legitimate in Online gambling laws are being put on the back burner by officials who are overwhelmed with many other issues and the countries that are trying to regulate online wagering are having problems policing the industry which operators are taking full advantage of both by applying for licenses in various jurisdictions or just using the free e commerce card in he EU. to offer their gaming services without one.

The Belgium just recently instigated online gambling regulations and a licensing regime that many operators have applied for the belgium Gambling Commission has just released along with new rules an updated black list of operators that are not allowed to offer service in Belgium to players on the described web sites are facing large and some would say harsh penalties if they are caught by Belgium Authorities playing to fines of up to €25,000 will be imposed on players violating the rules in the commission added that operators who continue to offer service to belgian players could face fines from €100 to €100,000.

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