Thursday, April 12, 2012

NetPlayTV England is a Largest Interactive TV Gaming Company

The operates a number of interactive gaming services, TV bingo to live blackjack, and fixed odds draws to mobile quiz games, under an aderney gaming license announced today that the Company’s Q1 KPIs are ahead of the same period in 2011 for the building on a strong Q4 2011 Company continued to invest heavily in TV advertising throughout Q1 2012 to capitalise on the seasonally stronger periods of Q4 and Q1 in line with the Company’s strategy of focusing in the core live TV casino offering in Company has disposed of its non-core UK bingo business for a sum of £375,000.

The about interactive tV gaming to interactive TV Gaming or as it may better be associated with Global Interactive Gaming & Online Gaming, Next-generation Interactive TV Gaming to TV viewers participate in contests associated with the programs they watch interactive games can generate revenues via sponsorship and/or by charging users a fee to enter their contest to interactive TV Gaming can come in the form of single-screen TV or 2-screen TV broadband connection may be helpful or necessary.


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