Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Online Gambling Licensing Restrictions From EU Court.

A opinions of Justice Advocate General Cruz Villalón statement of fact, his words could become a landmark decision that changes the face of online gambling in the EU by its very nature, online gambling is gaming without borders and just like the European Union is a Europe Continent without borders in EU member states still jealously guard their borders from other online gambling operators even though they are partner countries.

The latest court showdown, British operator Stanleybet wished to apply for a local license in the newly regulated Italian online gambling industry in operator was turned down this led to an EU Court case which has become highly publicized Costa and Cifone to the advocate Cruz Villalón has basically said, that action such as not granting Stanleybet’s license goes against the true spirit of the European Union and is in fact contrary to the European Union Treaty.

He cites articles 49 and 56 of the (TFEU) Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union as his reasoning and says, Treaty states clearly enough that no participating EU country “may adopt any legislation that could negatively impact the movement of goods and services freely between member states With this announcement no gambling licensing restrictions should exist are a whole host of new licensing jurisdictions which may find themselves having to do a double take with regards to their ongoing monopolistic regulations and attitudes.

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