Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The US Online Poker To Still A Taxing Problem.

The industry would have us believe that more US law-makers are pushing to get online poker (if not online gambling) legalized and regulated in the USA is a billion dollar industry at least it was until the DoJ shut down sites to US players such as PokerStars, and FullTilt amongst others, on the 15th April 2011 and the day that online poker operators and players have come to know as Black Friday before Black Friday, it was estimated that $6 billion went out of the US, into the coffers of offshore poker and other gambling sites.

The $6B if the industry recognized as being legal to the Government could have ostensibly had an additional $250 million in their tax coffers now it is just pie in the sky! and the law makers pushing to have this industry made legal in the USA, know what potential it has in terms of revenue generation to both US State and Federal Governments are cash-strapped to the hilt and need to find ways and means to get more money banked.

The according to political analysts, almost no-one in any powerful Congressional position gives a fig about internet gambling to also means that when the bills take the floor, no careful study has been done (except by the bill’s proposers often not even then) and decisions made are not as a result of any reasoned conclusions this is in essence what took place when UIGEA was promulgated there are a few rabid gambling opponents to they all appear to be hypocritical or just plain stupid and this does not get them a great deal of support are members of Congress in the Republican Party and the far right who will oppose anything and everything that might make President Barack Obama look good time will only tell on this one folks so be sure and stay tuned.