Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Online Gambling Schedule will be Spain Reconfirms

The order to quell the speculation that has been going around in the industry in the Spanish governments home affairs and administration ministry announced this week that the national online gambling regulator Enrique Alejo would meet the current scheduled date of June 1 2012 for issuing licenses to suitable applicants reasons for the doubt that the regulatory framework would be in place as indicated were many and included changes in staff changes to earlier deadline of April 2012, litigation from online gambling operators like codere and the large number of applications that are under process to has been reported that more than 59 applications have been received in the announcement clarified two other thing to the licenses are issued the online gambling services can commence immediately.

A speculation about the uncertainty over the Spanish online gambling regulator being able to meet the deadline was fuelled by a statement from 888 Holdings CEO Brian Mattingley speaking at a conference to announce his company result in most of Europe major online gambling operators have applied for licenses and are hopeful of getting are counting opportunity losses with every extension of deadline are also incurring substantial costs to keep their operations in readiness so that they can go online the moment they are given the license.

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