Friday, January 6, 2012

A Entraction Poker Network Will Be Banning An Additional Five Countries From Play.

The Entraction Poker Network will be banning an additional five countries from play in poker players will no longer be allowed access to any of the sites on this network in the countries are: Canada, Norway, Russia, Turkey and Israel and the certainly looks as though de-regulation is well on it’s way and this online poker provider wants nothing to stand in its way when or if, legal online poker marketplaces open up in these countries.

We need to bear in mind the fact that IGT acquired the Entraction poker network earlier in 2011 for IGT is an international gambling games provider with deep roots in the USA is pedantic about the online gambling industry being illegal and has made this fact well known in recent times to the DoJ indictments and seizures of a number of well known online gambling and poker brand domains.

The Canada ban in particular leads us to believe that the reason behind the ban is to make sure that IGT in the guise of parent company for Entraction is completely and 100% legally above board for a Online gambling in Canada is clouded by many grey areas in online poker does eventually become legal in the US, a company as large as this potential market as large as the USA.

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