Friday, March 9, 2012

Bet on Asia

The 2011 Las Vegas produced $6.1 billion in gambling revenue in that’s a very poor global second to Macau’s amazing $33.5 billion in 2011 gaming revenue in fact for the Chinese territory’s 2011 revenue exceeded the $31 billion in gaming revenue produced by the top 20 commercial casino markets in the United States and if you have really been paying attention, you know that in 2012, Las Vegas is projected to drop to the No. 3 slot behind Singapore legalized gambling only in 2009, almost caught Las Vegas in 2011 with $6 billion in revenue.

The Asian Betting Boom are no doubt that gaming companies are building casinos all over Asia to the industry is a long, long way from overcapacity in report from Citibank’s Citigroup Global Markets dated February 8 sees the market this way in the population of South and Central Asia is 4 billion, and that market is currently served by just 200 licensed gambling venues in compares with 1,600 licensed casinos in North America and 1,200 in Europe and the many of the new markets in that region are growing incredibly quickly to from very small bases and they are example, Citigroup Global Markets estimates that the Philippine gaming market will grow by 17% this year in that will bring total revenues to just $1.7 billion.

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