Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Largest Casino Jackpot Win in B.C $833,158.91 Cheque for Winning

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA for the practical joker, Matthew Arseneau, received his $833,158.91 cheque for winning a online casino jackpot, his family finally started to believe him in the arseneau was listening to local radio station, 99.3 the Fox, when he heard about a contest to win a trip to Mexico through and says he logged into the gambling website to enter, played the minimum $5 wager and could not believe his eyes it said he had won the jackpot to the entered the contest and was playing online when it popped up on my computer screen described Arseneau to said I won but it took a dozen times of looking at it before it sunk in they known as the joker in the Arseneau family, his parents thought this was another of his pranks.

And this a largest casino prize ever won in B.C to the 26-year old Surrey resident won the prize on an online slot game called SuperCubes where the jackpot keeps growing until it's won to he still overwhelmed by the win but already has a few plans for the prize for i am going to buy my little brother a new car, added a smiling Arseneau and also help my parents finish with some renovations on their house of a haven't yet decided to get for myself, maybe a trip to Mexico if I don't win that to operated by BCLC, is British Columbia's only safe, secure and regulated gambling website where the revenue generated stay in the province to benefit all British Columbians and the BCLC is a provincial Crown Corporation that offers socially responsible gaming entertainment while generating income that benefits all British Columbians.

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