Monday, March 5, 2012

The Calvin Ayre’s So-Called “Cat and Mouse” Game and the U.S. Feds

A Wall Street Journal Alexandra Berzon and Simon Constable discuss the recent indictment of Bodog creator Calvin Ayre to the topics covered are the so called “cat and mouse” games the billionaire “playboy” and the federal government have been engaged in for many years as well as how in recent years the Canadian born Ayre’s has been distancing himself from the popular Bodog Brand.

The simon constable asked the question on most minds as to “why now,” and why is the federal government going after Ayre’s after all this time when it seems that many states are moving to legalize and regulate online gambling in the states and it’s citizens to the Wall Street Journal correspondent continued saying, “it’s funny how the recent actions of the federal government is completely at odds from what U.S states are doing at this time are they going to come to some status and have one set of rules, “Mr. Playboy” can either know what he should or shouldn’t do?

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